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By far the worst experience of my life! My husband bought his car for the check engine light (later found out was the purge valve), replace the sunroof motor, and repair the front end (all which Marcus, his service advisor said was covered under the extended warranty).  The car was in for service for more than 2 weeks.  When I picked up the vehicle (Marcus) was not there. I was told to pay the deductible at the cashier counter and “they” would bring the car around.  When I got into the car, the first thing I noticed was the check engine light was STILL ON!

I go in and speak with the service manager “Gary” and he explained that the purge valve wasn’t covered under the warranty. I explained that they had the vehicle for TWO WEEKS and the primary reason my husband brought the car in was due to the check engine light. If this repair wasn’t covered then he should have known this prior to picking up the car.  Just because something is not covered doesn’t mean he didn’t want it fixed–he would have paid for it out of pocket if this was presented to him.  The car also had greasy hand/palm prints all over the vehicle. I questioned why the car wasn’t washed and he said, “We don’t do that here” which I knew was not true.

Gary drove the car back in the shop and came back and said that he was able to “reset” the computer and the check engine light was now off.  Gary also said that we could bring the car back and get the purge valve replaced for about $500-$600 dollars (this was an outrageous estimate but I’ll save that complaint for another review). I get back in the car, drive off, and look up and notice a long black rubber-like piece hanging from the closed sunroof.  I opened the sunroof and the entire rubber piece came off the sunroof track.  I immediately turned the car around and took it back to the dealer.  I asked for Gary (the manager) again and he said he was going to take it back in.

He brought the car back around and he said it was “fixed.” He apologized and said the next oil change was on him (At this point, I would trust them to inflate my son’s front tire on his bike and I question all of their work). When I got home, I closed the “fixed” sunroof and the rubber piece crumbled when I closed it. This place is horrible, dishonest, and their mechanics either are inexperienced or just have little to no work ethic.

The result of this car being at Sheehy Ford for 2 weeks is the check engine light is back on and we took the car to another mechanic to fix the hanging piece from the sunroof. I would NEVER visit Sheehy Ford of Marlow Heights AGAIN!

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