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After a terrible collision with a truck, my car was in a terrible condition. It had not been much time since I bought my BMW SUV. Thankfully, no one was injured. The car’s looked like it had been through a very terrible adventure. Almost every part, right from the bonnet to the windshield – all of it was damaged.

I showed it to a local mechanic to get an estimated cost of repairs. After this, I decided to take my car to an authorized BMW Center because I did not have much faith in any other place. Although I had never been to a service centre before, the name of the company is itself an assurance to its customers (or so I thought).

I looked upon the internet for authorized service centres and the only one located nearest was Nick Alexander BMW. I got a service appointment scheduled instantly, without even reading any reviews.

The day of the appointment arrived. I, along with my colleague went to the place. After a little wait, we went inside to talk to the mechanic. My colleague, surprisingly, was told to stay outside and this disappointed me quite a lot. The very first thing that came out of the mechanic after looking at my BMW was – “The car is messed up”.

This offensive statement was followed by a laugh which made me feel like poking his eyes out. He called a person from his team and told him to check the car thoroughly. After getting a report of the damages from his team member, the mechanic told me and I quote – “This car is gonna cost ya a lot of money”.

By this time, I had realized that many more terrible things I was going to experience there. After a rough calculation, I saw that the bill cost one-third of my car’s total cost. I could not afford another car and therefore I decided to get the damaged one repaired. I paid the bill in advance and walked out of there. The collection date given to me was a month later.

After a month, I called the place up to confirm whether my car had been repaired or not. I was disheartened to hear that my car had still not been fixed. I was told that I would be contacted on completion of the repairs. Another month passed by and there was no update from their side. I started calling them every day because life without a car had become very difficult. After a week, I was finally called and I could not have been more excited. When I went there, I felt angry as well as disappointed.

The dents were apparent, no paint job had been done and to top it all, scratches on the windshield were so bad that they could have been spotted from a mile away. I was told that the service team tried their best and to be honest, I did not know what to say after this.

The next time something happens to your BMW, steer clear of Nick Alexander BMW unless you want to spend your money hoping for good service and then getting disappointed.

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