Maritime Chevrolet

I was happy with my two year old Chevy Cruze when I purchased it back in this year; But the maintenance on the car has been a nightmare and every time I have to get work done in Maritime Chevrolet’s service department, I’m met with attitude and horrible customer service. Their management is no better. Most recently I had to get a new key for my car.

Service switched my key to a new body and neglected to inform me of the additional $60 it would cost to get it synced to my car (I had assumed that they synced it to my car when they changed the key into the new body, which I purchased from the parts department). As it turns out, when I put the key in my car, the auto-theft feature was activated and it took a few hours for them to fix.

It was obvious that the service department had made an error but nobody was willing to admit it, or offer any consolation on the matter. Instead I was avoided like the plague and continually told to wait longer because they were very busy that day. When my car was returned, I refused to pay the extra $60 because I wasn’t informed of the cost from the beginning and I had already spent a considerable amount of money on a simple key.

The manager agreed to waive it, but was clearly disgruntled about it (as if I had inconvenienced HIM). Once again, a nightmare per usual. Their service department needs to be taught a serious lesson in SERVICE. I was floored to discover that Chevy in Fairfield has 4 stars when the Chevy in Fairfield is the exact reason why I’ll never buy a Chevy again, or recommend it to anyone else. Notice all the good reviews are about the sales department? Maybe they should have their sales team train their service team about customer service. Absolute nightmare.

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