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This review was originally posted in the fall, but it magically disappeared. Before you read this entire review, let me first say that the review is more so about the car sales department than the repair staff. I paid a visit to IM Autohaus to get some repairs done. While waiting, I hear a staff member state that he was a car salesman. I have been saving up for a new car, but thought I would check out what they had available.

I walked over and said that I overheard that he had cars for sale. He looked up from his cell phone and said yes, and told me where the cars were parked. He returned to playing with his cellphone. I thought this behavior was odd for someone in the sales business. I went out to the lot to view the cars, assuming he would eventually follow me to answer any questions I might have.

I viewed all of the cars and lingered outside waiting on the salesman. He never came out to the lot. I walked back into the office a bit ticked, looked over at him and he was still playing with his cellphone. There was no acknowledgment that I had returned to the lobby nor did he ask me about the cars I was interested in. I sat back down in the lobby, pissed at the fact that I was being ignored and realizing this was a “racial” moment. Just minutes prior,

I witnessed this same salesperson providing great customer service to white customers–exemplar behavior in fact. After sitting in the lobby for about 5 minutes I decided to confront the salesman (Brian). I asked him if that’s how he usually deals with potential customers. I let him know that I watched him respond much differently to the white customers. His response was “ok” with a nonchalant look on his face.

He attempted to hand me his business card and out of sheer frustration I threw it on the floor. I asked to speak with the general manager and he said he was the general manager. I found that hard to believe because any general manager would respond to potential revenue much differently. However, Brian must have assumed because I was black that I did not have the money to purchase a car. I might be cheap as hell, but I am by far broke.

Once my repairs were done, I asked the staff person that supervised my repairs for the name of their general manager and he stated that he was part-owner. I explained what happened to him, with Brian right next door, and the part-owner said he was sorry that this happened. However, he made no attempt to bring Brian into the conversation, did not apologize for his behavior and nor did he state how he would rectify the situation.

Typically IM Autohaus will render the courtesy of washing your vehicle before returning it to you. None of these typical courtesies were rendered to me. Additionally, I never received a promised 10% discount from a previous visit. I brought that up this visit and was promised that the discount would be applied this time around, that didn’t happen either. What I gather is that, once Brian told his co-workers about what happened, the repair staff decided to screw me over and treat me just as trashy as Brian treated me.

What this entire experience says to me is that Brian is a racist, the owners condone racism and Blacks are not welcomed at IM Autohaus. In the next few days, I am going to follow up with my lawyer, the BBB and the owners. If I let it go unnoticed this type of ignorance will continue. If you are a person of color, I would advise you to take your business elsewhere.

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