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I recently purchased a used vehicle from this location. My saleswoman had the personality of a rock. She said maybe 7 words to me the entire time I bought the vehicle. She didn’t sell me anything, nor did she try to woo me. She was there as a formality. The finance director was great. Luis was very personable and helped me get a decent loan.

I drove off the lot excited about my purchase. It is when I got home,  miles later, that my wife pointed out that the heat didn’t work. My wife returned the vehicle the next day for repairs and got a loaner car, filled with fuel to ths of a tank. I get a call yesterday, saying the heat issue was fixed. I drove another miles, ready to finally get my vehicle.

I get the keys, turn it on and notice the airbag light flashing, I go to talk to Rod, who has no business being in customer service. At this point, this is my 3rd trip to the dealer and my vehicle isn’t fixed. Here’s a note on that….as somebody who is a technician by trade, when I fix a customer issue, I make sure there are no other issues when I say I’m done.

When my heater was fixed, the tech disconnected my airbags and battery. 2 things he should have checked when he said he was done. Now back to Rod…I let him know that this was my 3rd trip and that I am starting to get aggravated with the whole experience. I said that “While I didn’t buy a brand new Cadillac, my money spends just the same.”

This was a cue for Rod to tell me that he appreciates my money. That response did not come. Instead, he said “Don’t come at me like that.” I didn’t, but I let it be known that I was not happy. Rod did not seem to care and never once apologized. He said I could either leave my vehicle again or return it. I had to ask him if he could possibly understand my frustrations. At this point, I was strongly contemplating returning it, since Rod didn’t care and there were problems with the vehicle. That’s when I remembered Luis. I asked him to sit and talk to me in my vehicle, which he did.

I explained my situation and the first thing Luis said to me was “If you leave your vehicle again, I will have somebody drive it to you when it’s fixed, since you live in Baltimore.” Was that so hard? No, it was not. Thank you Luis for caring. We drove around the parking lot for a few and I showed him the flashing airbag light and expressed my frustrations. He listened and said he will take care of me. We are talking about the finance director.

This morning, I wake up to a 10 dollar fuel charge for the loaner car. Remember the 7/8ths number? Yeah, me too and that’s what I filled it up to because that’s what it had when I got it. Again, I call Luis and the first thing he said was “I’ll take care of it. Give me a few minutes and I will call you back with a time a driver will deliver your vehicle.” Was that so difficult? Nope. Thanks again Luis. He said he would send a 10 dollar bill with the driver, which he did.

I appreciate a man of his word. Weather you are buying an ice cream cone or a vehicle, you should treat customers like you appreciate the fact they chose you to spend their money on. Luis is the only saving factor for me buying this vehicle. The sales woman was dull, the sales manager was uncaring and the service department was un

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