Evans Halshaw

We have a branch of Evans Halshaw in our village of Malden Rushett, situated in Chessington, Surrey, postcode KT9. This branch is located on a very busy A243 and is located very near to a very busy road junction.

Huge road transporters from BCA & Acumen are delivering vehicles to this site and putting our residents in danger and causing long tailbacks to traffic using the A243.

Health & Safety regulations are flouted by the drivers and Evans Halshaw by parking directly on the pedestrian pavements causing our residents to have no option but to walk out on to the main A243 while these deliveries are taking place. Huge traffic tailbacks are often experienced due to the transporters being parked for up to two hours while loading and unloading vehicles as the forward lane is blocked by the transporters.

Many complaints have been made to the site operator workforce and these are met with rudeness, does not matter whether you are old, disabled or young they are rude. BCA auctions have also been informed but they do nothing about their driver’s behaviour.

Money appears to be this company’s top priority at all costs.

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