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I want to bring to your attention that you should not have any dealings with Euro Motorcars in Bethesda, MD. I recently had a poor experience with them, including a situation that I felt to be a bait-and-switch. The next day he called me just after 1pm and told me that he couldn’t send me the Carfax via text but asked for my email address. I gave that to him and he said he would send it over.

He also mentioned that Mercedes had a great APR at 2.99 for up to  right now, as well as two free services if I purchased before the end of the February. He then began talking about financing the $75,000 and at this point I interrupted him–weren’t we talking about the White wagon which he told me was listed on the summary sheet at $62,881? He said that no, the car that we drove was the White wagon and it actually had 16k miles and was $75,000 not $62,881.

He said that the car he gave me the information for was another car the dealer had in stock. I was still confused at this point and asked him to explain. He told me that they have a 2014 White E63 Sedan that he had accidentally given me the price for. I stated that the price difference from what he had told me and what I had written down the previous day to what he was telling me today was $12,000–not small change.

At this point I told him that it sounds like he was trying to pull a bait-and-switch trick. He said that no, he wasn’t, had just mistakenly given me information about a different car. I asked him that if he knew he had given me incorrect information, why wouldn’t he say that upfront instead of throwing in in the middle of our conversation and not apologizing for his mistake? I spoke to Greg the manager for almost 20 minutes about the car and the situation.

This is where I thought I could get some understanding about the situation that they put me in, but this couldn’t have been further from the truth. He told me that Camron and him argued about the price and miles of the White wagon. Greg told him that he had been driving that car for the past few days, and that he is the one who purchased the car so he knows how much the it is going to go for.

Here is where the continuous lack of customer service and the onus I would expect from a dealer of this caliber really surprised me. He added that Camron made a mistake and that he was human. I agreed with him and said I understand that everyone makes mistakes but the two things that really bothered me were that Camron didn’t come forth when he made the mistake, but hid the information and that never even apologized.

Greg made a joke, which struck me as being in poor taste, about how I should have bought the car yesterday at the $62,881 price, though they would have figured it out in finance. He then told me a story about another customer who had agreed verbally on a price, but when signing the papers didn’t notice that price agreed to verbally was not listed; the customer came back a few days later when he realized the mistake. In Greg’s expressed opinion,

the situation was the customer’s problem and that they shouldn’t have signed. Not only are those stories sad, they are not something to brag, gloat about, or share with another customer. Taking someone’s misfortunate lightly just proves further the type of dealership this is–a dealership that only takes care of themselves and not their customers.

I was shocked He ended by saying the car still needed to go through the shop certification process, that he would have to pay the dealership a fee and that he also had to pay AMG a fee for the warranty; he could let me know the pricing once it goes through the shop. This is where we concluded our conversation. I have yet to receive a phone call about the car after it completed its certification process, and have still not received an apology from anyone at Euro Motorcars.

I received the Carfax later that day after the conversations with both Camron and Greg. It showed that the car had an accident in the rear, something that was never mentioned by the sales staff or the manager. Feel free to contact me for the full story.

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