Easterns Automotive Group of Hyattsville

My husband and I went to Easterns in Hyattsville, a bit of a hike for us from Baltimore, but we had our eye on one particular vehicle, and as a back-up option had seen a number of hybrid vehicles at that site that we liked as well. We rushed after work, both busy professionals, to be able to get the purchase completed in one night and not have to continue driving each other to work.

We met Carl, who seemed like a nice enough salesperson, found the car we were interested in, and then the experience went downhill from there. We had to wait for an initial credit decision after completing the application, and we were offered an unusually high interest rate, considering that I have a mortgage, a good income, and have no missed or late payments. I had not eaten dinner because we rushed there after work, and had watched our sales person eat dinner in front of us while waiting for.

I snapped and said I was walking away, and was asked what interest rate I was looking for – then magically after more than of waiting, was able to get close to the interest rate I was looking for. The finance manager offered us something to drink after he had overheard me complain about how long we were waiting and that we had eaten no dinner. We finalized the deal, but not after being pressured by our salesperson to leave an on the spot review of our experience (I don’t really think he wanted to see how I was really feeling at that point – I told my husband twice that I wanted to walk out and he had convinced me to stay because of how long we had already invested there).

A week after purchasing the car, a plastic liner under the hood that’s bolted into the front bumper of the car came unbolted and was hanging/dragging on the ground. I had to keep pushing the piece back up in place, and it finally ended up getting caught while I was driving and ripped. The staff at Easterns made me bring the car there to look at, and asked so many questions to insinuate that it occurred because of damage and would not be covered under the “Warranty” they had offered. They told us they would give the benefit of the doubt and replace the part (the right thing to do when you have first time customers and you’ve sold an expensive used vehicle), but we would have to drive to Hyattsville AGAIN in order to have it fixed.

They waited until we came to pick up the car two days later to drop the bomb on us that they did not replace the part, but rather just bolted the broken plastic piece back into the inside of the bumper (which could have been done at the dealership close to us or done when we brought the car to be looked at the first time). I would never recommend or return to a place that pulls a bait and switch like that – if they had even just done that “fix” the first time we brought it in, I might not even be this angry. But to make us come back again after telling us it would be replaced (and not providing a loaner car for those two days) was disrespectful and rude. Never again! If I could give back the car and get my money back, I would.

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