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I just want to let you guys know that this place is dishonest place! Do NOT go there please, if I would have a chance I would give them a zero star but the system doesn’t allow me. here is my story…

This week I had an accident, I called from the place where I had an accident and asked the owner whose name is Cory if they fix cars with an accident. He said “yes”, “bring it”. So I brought my car, gave them a key and he told me that he will call me later and tell me how much it will cost. It was very important for me to get the best price, because my insurance didn’t pay.

I had to pay it out of my pocket. For my old 2005 Toyota corolla he said will charge $3500 plus tax. Also it was with a discount, otherwise I would have to pay $4000. For the car with a perfect engine, perfect carburetor and perfect bumper. Which bumper wasn’t even touched to damage my air bags.

Just need a cosmetic job for air filter, replacing the lights, changing the Freon which might maximum cost $1000, this dishonest Cory wanted to charge $4000. Which actually his shop doesn’t not even work with a body of the car. They wanted to give it to somebody who can fix that, instead of referring me to that person. He knows that I am a student and do not have any support, even then tried to screw me.

I said okay and went shop around. It took me one day to fine someone for $2500 everything included. I think it is a significant mount of money. I came back next day and told him that I am not willing to fix it right now and wanted to get a car back. But that greedy Cory wouldn’t give my car back because I parked in front of his shop for one day.

He charged me for that one day $50. Can you imagine $50? I think it was little too much. He was ready to loose a regular customer who used to go for any kind of repair, oil change, state inspection job every two month ONLY because of that $50. I have never seen a greedier person in my life. Oh my God protect me from such a people.

Do not buy oil change deals, he accepts them only one, plus he will charge on top of it extra fees and tax. When usually people buy a coupon I don’t think there should be any kind of extra fees.

So people decide, if you don’t want to be scammed or screwed, pass around this BLOODY MECHANIC SHOP.

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