BMW of South Atlanta

They will try to stick you a poor-condition car so they can get rid of it. I guess they aren’t making many sales and so their inventory is filled with trash. Those thugs tried to persuade me to buy a trashy BMW car.

I needed a car and I thought of buying the BMW X1 sDrive 28i. It had a very stunning look and excellent mileage. I found these guys locally. Before finalizing the deal online, I decided to meet the manager and talk about the other features of the car so that I could be assured of the good condition of the car.

I made an appointment online the same day but they confirmed my appointment after 3 long days. I went into the place and waited for the manager to call me in. I was called in by him and when I started telling him the model that attracted me and asked him about it being a good deal or not he simply said that he was the manager and had nothing to do with the prediction of the car.

This was a rude reply but it didn’t bother me much so I requested him to let one of his mechanics lead me to the car so that I could finalize the deal. He then phoned his salesman and told him to meet me in the lobby. I was sent off to wait for him outside.

They didn’t have a proper arena to rest and I was kept waiting for more than 25 minutes. it was time and I was getting impatient so I went into the office to make him aware that the guy hadn’t yet arrived. He told me to wait outside and be patient. The wait was an hour-long when the salesman came and took me to the car I chose.

The car was looking good from the outside and to be sure I wanted to check it from inside and inquire about the proper working of every part. The salesman started getting restless and was stopped me to have a look inside. I told him that I wanted to check whether the car was perfect to buy or not but he didn’t listen to me and started changing topics and giving specifications about the vehicle.

I was doubtful about the good condition of the car so I told him to step aside and checked the car myself. I found out the AC was not working and after the ignition, the engine made a strange and disturbing sound throughout. The horn was not working along with the music system.

My doubt turned into reality and I cancelled my deal with the BMW of South Atlanta. They were trying to sell me a damaged car. I was very disappointed with this kind of service and it was unexpectedly awful for a reputed company. Please take your business elsewhere because you could incur a great loss of buying vehicles from the wrong place.

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