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After my BMW Convertible met with an accident, I had no option other than getting it serviced since I had recently purchased it. I had bought the car from BMW of Ontario and as much I disliked the place, I had no option other than going there because I was strictly advised by the salesperson that if the vehicle gets damaged, I should bring the car straight to BMW of Ontario without even thinking for a second.

I disliked the place because I did not have a very good experience while buying the car. The people working there were not quite assistive enough. Anyways, I scheduled the service appointment but unfortunately, I was assigned a service date for a week later.

After a week, I took the car to the place. I was late by only five minutes and because of this, I was made to wait for more than an hour. I found this quite absurd. For being only five minutes late, I had to wait almost 75 minutes. After a long wait, I was finally told to come in and state the problem.

Because of the collision with another vehicle, the front bumper of the car was uplifted. There were quite a few dents on it as well. I asked the mechanic if it could be fixed but I was told that I would need to get a replacement. Another problem was with the left rear-view mirror.

While I was parking the car, another car knocked the rear-view mirror off. I was told that the rear-view mirror would cost a bit more than the regular price as they would have to get it ordered. Given the fact that I had no intention of switching to a new car anytime soon, I agreed to have the repairs done.

I was told to make the payment in advance and I did. The only problem was that a delivery date was not given to me. I remember asking multiple times about how much time it would take to get the car fixed. The only reply that I got was – “It would be done soon”. Since I had already made the payment, all I could do was wait and that is exactly what I did.

Days, weeks and even months passed but there was no update from BMW of Ontario. Whenever I called them asking for an update, I was told that the parts have not arrived. After almost three months, I received a text message (Yeah, a freaking text message) stating that my car had been repaired.

I rushed down to the place the very next day. I saw that my car was already parked outside. I went inside and gave the payment receipt after which I was handed over the keys. The very first place my eyes looked at was the rear-view mirror. To my horror, I saw that the new one was of a different colour. To add to the horrendous surprise, I saw that instead of replacing the bumper, it was fixed, which made it look pathetic.

When I inquired about the ‘repairs’, I was not given a straight answer. It was at that moment when realized that I had made a fool of myself by coming to BMW of Ontario to get my BMW repaired. I would not recommend the place to even my mortal enemy.

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