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When I purchased my car from BMW of Mountain View, I was strictly advised to get my car checked after 6 months if used. I had forgotten about it but then the reminder on my phone made me realize that it was time to go and get the car checked.

I was hesitant to go at first because I did not see why I needed to get a car that had not been driven to go to get serviced but after being advised by almost everyone, I decided to go for it. I scheduled a service appointment at BMW of Mountain View.

After a while, I got a text stating that my previous appointment had been cancelled due to some technical reasons and that I would need to schedule an appointment again. That very day, I scheduled another appointment. The day of the appointment was a week away and so I had to wait for seven days.

The day of the appointment finally arrived. I reached the place on time and thankfully, I was not made to wait. I met the mechanic and he seemed quite cheerful. After exchanging greeting pleasantries, I requested him to check my car out. I also requested him to be extra careful as I did not want a single scratch on my car.

A mishap occurred right after the moment I made the humble request. Another member from the team threw a wrench right at the mechanic and the mechanic dodged it which led to the wrench hitting my car’s headlight. For a brief instance, there was complete silence all around.

After a while, the crew along with the mechanic started laughing. It was and still is beyond my understanding that what was there to laugh about? After this, I was told that the headlight would be replaced without any charge.

He then got the car lifted and went underneath it to inspect the parts. After a few minutes, he came out from below the car and told me that the exhaust pipe would need to be replaced because it had become too rusty.

I realized that he was trying to cover the cost of breaking the headlight. I told him that I did not want to get any of the parts changed. After this, I was told that the headlight which was broken ‘accidentally’ was not available and thus a different headlight would be fitted instead.

I felt so angry but I did not want to lash out and so I gave him a go-ahead nod. I was made to wait for two hours before they brought back the car to me with the ‘new’ headlight. When I saw the headlight, I wanted to simply break it off myself. The light emitted from it could not have been dimmer.

Then I was presented with the bill which was too much for a simple servicing (they had added the cost of the headlight). I had no option but to pay it off at that very moment.

This is what I experienced at BMW of Mountain View. I would not advise anyone to ever set foot in that wretched place.

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