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My wife and I traveled an hour to visit Audi Fairfield only to wish we hadn’t. To begin with, we planned a trip out there to see two cars that were on their website’s inventory. Upon arriving, we briefly browsed the parking lot and found one of them but didn’t see the other so we proceeded inside. Once inside I approached the main desk and met the salesman Mark. He didn’t seem too thrilled to talk to us but I still tried to make the best of it since we had traveled all that way.

I immediately let him know why we were there and that I was looking to see a specific color/model that was listed on the website. I repeated the name of the color about three times and he still gave me a blank look as to what I was referring to (shouldn’t you know more about the cars than I do since you work there?) After a few minutes on his computer he let me know the car was sold and already off the lot. Cool, no problem, I understand things like that happen. So I asked if we could check out the other car (S7) that we came here to see. He soon suggested we might like a different model (S4). I see no harm in that, it was roughly in the same price range so why not. Let’s check out both. He agrees.

*** Here’s the best part: As we head outside he says “Let’s take out the S4 first (not the car we originally drove out an hour to see) and then I’ll let you sit in the S7.” Wait. Did you just say we can “sit” in the other car? What am I, 12? Okay, sure I’ll go along with it. But then he goes on to say “Sorry, it’s just really busy here today” so I reply with “Right, and since we aren’t buying anything today we aren’t priority.” (I mentioned at his desk that I do very thorough research before making any decisions, especially $60,000 decisions). He didn’t say a word.

Now to be fair, the S4 was fantastic. Again, I felt like I knew more about the car than him, but that’s fine, I’m into cars, maybe he isn’t…even though that’s his job. And after sitting in the S7 I did realize it felt a bit outdated. But don’t you think, as the one considering the purchase, that I should be allowed to take the car out for a spin to come to my own conclusion? Apparently not, because I just got to sit there and make vroom vroom noises.

As we walked back inside his complete lack of interest in us became very apparent. I shook his hand and thanked him for his time and showing us the cars and asked for his card. His reply? “I’m the only ‘Mark’ that works here.” Wow. Way to earn my business, Mark. I will NEVER return to you or your dealership all because of your comments and attitude toward our car buying experience.

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