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I’m going to lay out the reasons why I think the customers should avoid this dealer to buy Audi at all cost.The same owner who runs Audi Bellevue, who also owns Seattle University Audi, and Tacoma Audi. So you get the picture. I remember those reps who weren’t that nice or being respectful, I noticed they all got transferred over to the other dealers in their own network to continuously promote disgustingly low level of customer services.

By low level of customer service, I mean one of the tall blonde white guy just standing there and who never bother you to greet you or anything unless you speak to them first and even if you are the one that who spoke to him first, the response that I got from him was full of snarky remarks or that the type of condescending tone of voice made me almost feel like that I shouldn’t have bought the car there

I wouldn’t buy any car or get any service done from them. Shortly after having first service done from them, the car started making unusually loud noises under the hood. I brought it in multiple times for inspection, they didn’t even bother to fix it or gave me options what they are going do with the issue, even though the car was still under warranty, and it was only used for year and an half since I purchased the car.But the funny thing is when I brought the car in at the other dealer where it was far, far away from here, they instantly identified the problem right away, and I’ve been told that they were going to contact Audi HQ about the issue to get it fixed.

They were kind of shocked as to how on earth that the other technicians from Bellevue Audi who weren’t able to identify the issue at the first place and left customer’s car untreated this long. They apologized to me as they were part of the Audi program network, even though they are not the dealer who mistreated customer like the way how I got treated from Bellevue Audi and Seattle’s University Audi.

I will let you decide about the dealer how you think of them. For me, I would never be able to forgive them simply because all of the bad experiences that I had to go through, and thinking I could’ve gone to the other dealers if I already knew about that all along…

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