Arlington Auto Body Shop

There is no rating low enough………. We purchased a car from this company, and it ran all of 3 days before breaking down on the side of the road. I called back to the shop for help, but they brushed me off like I was nothing!  I’m in the process of taking legal action against them, but wanted everyone to know how disrespectfully these people treated me.  They had no problem convincing me that this car was a great car with no problems.

Even went as far as letting me speak with the mechanic who “supposedly” worked on it for over a month. They do not speak good English and are rude beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. They charged us $1400 for a lemon, and actually expected us to bring the car back for work, and wanted us to pay for it. They say they’re ASE certified, MY AS*!!!  We had a real mechanic look at the car, and he showed us multiple hazardous mistakes made by their mechanic.

There was electrical tape and glue  in places where parts should have been screwed down, there were multiple bots and screws totally missing, many missing hoses, and broken parts.  This car was a mess, and these people told us it would run well, they were dead wrong.

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