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Avoid the Volvo service Department if youSorry to post a negative review, but I feel a sense of social responsibility.

Back in early January my front left tire was bouncing and squeaking, unnerving me and my passengers, and a friend told me it was most likely the strut.  That’s not a cheap repair, but one of those things that needs to get done sooner rather than later.

I looked at reviews, saw this place, took my Mitsubishi in.  The owner’s wife is a lovely person, very helpful and knowledgeable about cars – but both she and the owner told me entirely TOO MUCH about what my car’s problems MIGHT be.

I wanted the noise and bouncing gone – I did not have the time or money to see if it could possibly be one of three smaller things.  I value their insights, but really, asking me which repair I’d like to get done, when I know “not much” about the running of cars, is not helpful.

The owner fixed a clamp on my exhaust pipe that he said was rattling – I hadn’t noticed.  And it had nothing to do with my car’s front end.  Paid over $100.  Noise and bounce still there as I drove it home.

Next time he fixed – after much discussion and many online visuals of the front axle of my car (nice but unnecessary) – the “bushing”.  Apparently it’s a tiny part that helps provide some “play” or “give” in your suspension  (what I grasped from his intensive discourse).  When I drove it off the lot, my car was STILL bumping and squeaking.

I was rather miffed, and nearly $200 poorer.  AND somehow he unaligned my front end – the car was now definitely pulling to the left.

I took it back the next day.  The owner drove around the block with me, and said that I could have the strut fixed if I really wanted to, but he didn’t think it was necessary.  At this point, I was at my wit’s end.  He refused to acknowledge that 1. the car’s alignment was off,  and 2. he hadn’t actually done what I’d asked and stopped the bouncing.  He also told me my car was complicated…which no one in 9 years has ever mentioned to me.

It’s a Lancer ES:  bottom of the line, doesn’t even have ABS, and NOT the sporty street racing version.  Maybe because it’s not a European car like the other reviewers have…

In absolute frustration I took my car to another shop in the suburbs, and they actually fixed the car – fully, as I asked, in one day.  It set me back many hundreds of dollars, but I was satisfied.  They also, when I asked, laughed at the assertion that a Mitsubishi Lancer is a complicated car.

I hate to diss a “mom ‘n’ pop”, but I couldn’t afford the repairs the way that AIM aimed at delivering them.  I already spent $300 more than I intended. can. The head of the department is unhelpful and rude.

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