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Today I had a really bad experience at this service center. I have been going here for years, stopped for a few years but honestly, the free loaner car helps me keep my life in motion so I returned.

Yesterday I made an appointment online for 12;22PM today and I noted that I would need a SUV loaner car (like I currently drive). Twenty minutes later a service representative called to confirm all of the service I would need and we talked about my loaner car need; he said it would not be a problem.

I arrived at 12:27, no one was at front desk but I assumed the person was off doing something for the lady in line in front of me. The rep returned and had the lady, who stated she had a 1pm appointment, to the waiting area to be called. This was at 12:31, I know because he listed me on the list below her with the same time though my appointment was for 12:22pm.

After waiting about 17 minutes, they came and got me; five minutes after they already took the 1pm appointment lady. My service rep Kyle was nice but it was frustrating to be asked everything I already listed online when I made my appointment and told the person over the phone.

After finishing all of the car repair take in, he goes to find my loaner…no larger cars. None. Those who know me know I schlep kids and general stuff around every day. I need a larger car. I made an appointment, made the notes and spoke with someone when making my appointment.

I had to leave with my car! I cannot re-arrange carpool commitments that I have already scheduled. Using an online platform is a good thing, it saves time and can make things easier for a customer. But, it only works if the information is utilized across the counter with the customer.

Time is precious to all of us and I run on a very tightly choreographed schedule. Carving out time to have my car serviced can be difficult…the loaner is crucial. Truly, the main reason I have been loyal for several years is the convenience of the loaner. I lost an hour today….and still have to have my car serviced. Beyond frustrated.

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