AA Auto Service For Bmw Mercedes Mazda & Volkswagon

This was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had with an auto repair shop, or any business for that matter.  I dropped my car off in the middle of the week, and was told that they would call me to update me on the problem.  I never received a call.

As the next week was Thanksgiving and I had a number of errands to run, I decided it had been too long and would just pick up the car.  I called to say as much and that I would be in shortly for the car.  I arrive to find that not only is my car still in shambles from diagnostic work, but that work had already been done without calling me first.

I should have known then that there was a serious lack of professionalism, because when I have dropped my car at other repair shops, they always call as soon as they have identified the problem to find out whether or not I would like it fixed and to provide an estimate.  I was told that the basic problem was fixed and would cost be a little over $100, but that a more permanent solution would cost me over $700.

I was floored, not only because the car was only worth double that (if that), but because my student loan repayments have just started and I am decidedly broke. I told them as much, and Vicky, the woman who manages the place, told me that she would reach out to other parts dealers and get back to me on the price.  I said ok and waited to hear from her.

I hadn’t heard anything by the next day (day before Thanksgiving), so I called to let them know that I was coming by after work the pick up the car, would pay for the initial work that had been done, but didn’t want them to do anything additional.  I then got a call back from Vicky saying that the $700 worth of work had already been done.

When I asked why she would authorize that without speaking to me first, she simply said that she had tried to call but couldn’t reach me, as if that were an excuse.  No response is not synonymous with consent, a fact that any professional knows.  I was appalled.  She told me she had gotten the price down to $600 as if that were somehow supposed to make me feel better.

If I had the money to sue, I would have.  They are con artists and I would NEVER, EVER recommend them to anyone.  To have to pay for work you never authorized is the most maddening situation, and knowing that you legitimately don’t have the funds is overwhelmingly frightening and makes you feel helpless.

This is absolute evil. STAY AWAY!!!  The only reason they even get one star is because Yelp won’t let me post otherwise.

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  • Worst car dealer

    This is the worst car dealer I had ever dealt with so far.

    Nancy Logan September 20, 2018 8:26 am Reply

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