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I went to the main office of Sparkasse Bank in Luebeck, Germany in Sep 2018 before going to Canada for money exchange but the staff said its better to take money from ATM there but he didn’t say I have to activate my account for oveaseas ATM or about the limit. He just said I have to pay 4euro in each withdrawal. so when I got there on 19 Sep I could not get any money at all. Then I checked online and found that I can activate my account for overseas by online banking. After 2 days, I could take out money from ATM but each time the maximum was 400CAD which is about 250euro only. I tried ATM of different Canadian banks and tried to change the limit online but its still the same. I asked the bank in Canada but they said there is no limit from their bank. It should be the limit set by Sparkasse Bank. Also my card didn’t work in any shops, hotels or restaurants. I called Sparkasse bank hotline and wrote on facebook messenger but couldn’t get any help. After I come back to Germany, Sparkasse Bank replied me there is a limit for overseas withdrawal of 500euros but not 250euros and they do not know why I could only take out 400CAD each time. There is no such limit on my account. So simply they cannot find out the reasons and it might happen again next time in any other country. Ridiculous!? Then a staff did a procedure for my account to allow the use of my card in overseas shops and restaurants, and he said now I can use my card in the whole world. But they did not do it before or when I was there eventhough I told them I could not use my card at all. How FUNNY!? huh? Then when I complaint about all these mistakes and request waiving some transaction fee because I had to withdraw many times for cash at ATM, they simply reply no, and they kept saying they have not done anything wrong and their bank service is not bad at all. How SHAMELESS!!! That is crazily STUNNING to me ~~~ almost suffocated!!!

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