First and foremost I’m utterly pissed and disappointed at the manner OCBC handled my stolen credit cards issues.
I reported via phone & in person and even lodged an official report with OCBC providing supporting police reports & other documents pertaining to my stolen handbag with my credit cards whilst I was overseas in Apr 2018.
Purchases were made using my stolen cards amounting to about $1200
Till now Oct 2018 the matter had yet to be fully resolved as I’m still disputing the amount stolen with OCBC.
The funny thing is OCBC is charging me late payment charges & interests for the amount being disputed since Aug to Oct 2018 which has escalated to about $700 on top of the $1200 which they claimed I owed that was stolen from me.
You not only demanded me to pay back immediately even though the matter is still pending investigation but OCBC had even suspended my credit cards till further notice.
They even informed me that the cards will remain suspended even if I have repay them and I will have to reapply again if I want to use my credit cards with OCBC and it will be subjected to their review again.
What utter rubbish!! Did I ask for my cards to be stolen?? OCBC took more than 5 mths to investigate despite me filing the reports and had spoken to countless CSO and credit officers on a weekly basis clarifying the matter.
Why should I pay for the late charges & interest incurred on the amount stolen that was being investigated by OCBC and till now had yet to be resolved??
And this had indirectly caused my cards to be suspended and revoked??
Why do you have to go to such lengths to displeased and inconvenienced your customers??
Not that I asked to be robbed whilst on holiday. I did not ask for the matter to be unresolved for such a long period of time thus incurring the interests & late charges. It doesn’t seem fair for OCBC to slap me with theses charges & suspending my cards.
I have money stolen from my credit cards from other banks too but I don’t see them doing it to me. They handled it efficiently and professionally and they have since fully settled the matter even sooner than OCBC. I don’t have to pay for any late charges or interests on the disputed amount whilst awaiting for the final outcome.
I suggest that OCBC seriously look into their procedures of handling customer complaints of this nature or be prepared to lose more customers to their competitors.
Another thing is this suspension of my credit facilities better not affect my credit ratings with the credit bureau and this is the question that I have questioned the bank and have yet to get a reply.

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