Hawaii State Federal Credit Union

We were told to open accounts in both our names to qualify for a HELOC however both my other half and I applied and Hawaii State Federal Credit Union took 4 months to deny us when it was a simple deny if they just looked over our buyers agreement with our house. We went through the hassle of providing paper work multiple times because they said they didnt get it the 1st or 2nd time. We wouldn’t have waited 4 months and wouldve applied somewhere else.

Then the person who called us to let us know we were denied had an attitude and said they were doing us a favor by not charging us for canceling our accounts early. We were told to open these 2 accounts so why should we be charged to cancel. We are now going through Hawaii usa fcu and are working with someone more professional. Actually almost everyone i worked with at Hawaii State was rude and inconsiderate except for the girl that helped open my account she was sweet. A guy that left me a message to call him back never got back to me when i left him message.

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