Harborstone Credit Union

I have used the bank for a few years. Last two years I was bitten hard by the excessive fees charged to my account. When I finally had enough and applied a credit line to protect against overdraft, it didn’t help. I have nearly perfect credit score of 800+, and the company only approved a small amount, so when the next unfortunate overdraft happened, it became even worse: the line didn’t protect the accidental overdraft, so I was charged normal $30 overdraft fee, plus $7 for using the line, plus interest, for $400 that was overdrafted for 1 day!

Consider the ratio of return the company made on those fees, it made roughly 68000 times more than the interest it would pay its customer on its so called ultimate value checking. I once was charged three $30 sequential fees on similar small amount of overdraft for very short of period of time and the return for the company is even much higher! I guess what ultimate means for the company is taking the ultimate amount out of your savings!

Among all the banks I have used, the company sends the most amount of junk mails, so besides losing money, I also lose time to process those junk mails on regular basis. It’s super greedy, after I tried at least 2 times to ask at least one fee charge back, I was refused repeatedly. I should long closed my money-losing account, just location is inconvenient for me and my wife to make a trip in the same time to close our 4 accounts(one is joint account) so we delay it. But this is the last straw: We will close all accounts with the bank. We already transfer all our banking to a more friendly much less greedy bank

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