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DO NOT GET A CREDIT CARD FROM Chase JP Morgan Bank ! I have almost a 800 credit rating, have never been late on my credit card payments, have kept my balances low, etc etc. I applied for the Sapphire card online. I wasn’t told I was approved and given the option to accept, I just received my card in the mail. That’s ok as the reason I got the sapphire card was its points value, as I travel/eat out a lot.

The points seemed worth the $95 annual fee. Upon receiving my card I noticed that the APR was literally 21.47%!!! WTF. I called and at the time, was told it was only because I had just opened the card, it would be reviewed and my interest rate would probably be adjusted. After 9 months I called to see what could be done and was told Chase has DECIDED that they will NOT drop APR rates for ANYBODY, no matter how good a customers credit/payment history is.

Funny, I thought that was the point of keeping your credit good and payments on time. Was so that you benefit from lower interest rates. APPARENTLY NOT WITH CHASE! Now, I’m stuck with this card that I’m never going to use and will be paying $95 dollars a year for! As we all know that if I close the card it will effect my credit! THIS IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM! If a person who keeps an immaculate credit history is going to get the same respect as a person who doesn’t give a crap then what’s the point?

Shame on you Chase. I have been with you since you took over Washington Mutual and if literally there isn’t benefit to being loyal and on time then… You should at least give a person applying for one of your cards that this is the case. Oh, but why would you. Because then people wouldn’t choose your card, as I sure wouldn’t have. 22% are you kidding me. Well done chase for suckering me in, well done. But shame on your for living up to the greedy stereotype of banks! I will be removing savings and bank account asap, as if this is how you treat y

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