Your Man Friday

After giving Your Man Friday every “benefit of doubt” we have finally fired them. We were with them for way too long, always thinking as Benni S. writes, that it was “probably not the whole office.” Well, it is the whole office.

Over the years we have tried multiple staff bookkeepers at Your Man Friday. There were always costly mistakes. They never took responsibility. Each time we would talk with Greg (owner), but he just blew smoke and never took responsibility for the lapses.Many times staff failed to submit our IRS payments on time (penalties). Again each time Greg would try to make us think it was either our fault or just an “understandable” mistake on their part.

Now it is clear that incompetence runs from the top down at Your Man Friday. Don’t trust your finances to them. The last straw came after we decided to just handle the IRS payment ourselves to avoid any more mistakes. Your Man Friday even managed to create a disaster out of that. Without any access to our current QuickBooks files or phone call to us, YMF made up an amount (twice our correct payment) and submitted that to IRS for payment. And to add insult to injury, it was still submitted two days late.

We came home from Vacation to a drained account and bouncing checks. Greg at YMF blew some smoke and told us to contact the IRS and wait seven weeks to get our money back.With no help from Your Man Friday, it took days on the phone and filing a hardship case with the IRS to get the money returned 10 days later. We both feel stupid for staying with Your Man Friday for so long and enduring so many screw-ups. We are angry to point of considering legal action for our losses.

Our new bookkeeper has already found many more mistakes by Your Man Friday and she has just started to review our books. Be very careful, the only thing Your Man Friday is good at is creating a facade of a good company.

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