Absolute worst experience of my life!!!!!! When I spoke with accountant “Victor Delerme”, over the phone. He was so unprofessional, and rude, it made me post a youtube video about the company. I had instructed Victor that I was a start-up company, that partnered up a contract with Georgia State University, but rather go through them for accountants, instead of using interns.

I told him that my company was a financial company, and he would get paid during the closing of deals, like in real estate. He totally had very little requard for my business, due to the fact we had no track history. I didn’t understand this because, it has nothing to do with how he would get paid. His payment was secure, and I even discussed insurance that would cover his payment.

But he was so big about historical track record of a new start-up, that he would not even allow me to book an appointment, due to it being tax season and he has other things to do! So in my mind, why provide a service that only cater to big business? Whats wrong with my money? My name is Maceo Williams and you can call me at 404-587-4997, about this company.

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