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Todd Air was called out to my house by my home warranty company to address an issue with my heat pump condenser fan not functioning. Although my heat pump system is  old, it has been well-maintained and continues to operate perfectly. The problem with the unit was a bad fan motor. Todd Air did not diagnose the problem and instead told me that they were unable to access the service panel because it bordered my neighbor’s house.

They instead quoted me $600 to flip the unit 90 degrees in order to be able to service the unit. When I inquired if that would be billed to the home warranty company, they said it would not be covered and that I would need to pay Todd Air out of pocket.

There are several things wrong with this: first, how had the unit been adequately maintained by BGE Home for the past ? Compressor and fan run capacitors had been changed previously with no problem. Secondly, the heat pump condenser motor and service panel can easily be removed and all components accessed even with the heat pump in its current placement.

My wife and I pulled the Trane service facts for the unit, ordered Trane OEM replacement parts: a new fan motor and run capacitors for the fan as well as the compressor, and followed the electrical schematic to replace all parts. We asked a friend who is a licensed, certified HVAC technician to inspect our work and he approved of our repairs. Our system has been working perfectly fine since.

Based on the unscrupulous quote from Todd Air, it would seem that they quoted me for completely unnecessary work, thinking I would not have the ability to figure out the truth.

Since this encounter, I proceeded to take professional HVAC training. To this day with the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired, I still reference back to this experience with Todd Air as what never to do with a customer.

I would avoid Todd Air and find a different, more trustworthy contractor.

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