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I own a home in Mclean, Virginia.  I use heating oil, which I and the owners from whom I purchased the home obtain from Petro Home Services.  I also have a home services contract with Petro-the best one that they offer.  I quite possibly have not dealt with a worse company in my many.  (1) They sent out someone to check out my A/C.

The tech said that the unit needed to be completely replaced.  I then paid out-of-pocket and had a  separate HVAC company check the unit and found nothing to be wrong.  Its been perfect for several months since. Bad faith by Petro obviously trying to sell me a new unit;  (2) Required some basic other items to be fixed–it literally took them no less than 4 trips out and several different servicemen who all gave different stories.

Ultimately, I literally took the time to reach corporate headquarters and threatened suing them for bad faith, etc.  They have a million different offices and generally, you will speak to someone in New York, even though your home and contract may be in VA or DC.  A truly awful company and one which I refuse to work with ever again.  I also do not trust anything that their technicians have to say.  Please be aware!

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