William Buck Queensland

If you are thinking of working for this lot, forget it. They bully staff to an absolute shocking level. The trouble is, most of the staff are young and not capable of standing up for themselves. They are also more concerned about their career moving forward and what effect taking action against them would bring. So they are bullied to the point of resigning and in most cases are bullied into resigning. Not all the directors and senior management are to blame but here are the ones to watch:
Andrew Cranstoun (can’t control his own adult kids so has to bully his staff)
Jane Chard (has been housewife, husband couldn’t even stand her nastiness)
Paul Copeland (nothing better than a used car salesman with an accounting degree – gives business advice and has a number of is own failed businesses)
Angela Jeffery & Julie O’Reilly are back stabbing, 2 faced female dogs – watch your back.

The bullying even extends to age discrimination. 2 of the longest standing employees have been forced to retire because they are simply considered too old. This is the most shameful of all their bullying.

If you are considering working for these scoundrels, think again, there are much better employers out there. Save yourself the grief.

If you are considering engaging them as your accountants, think again, do you really want to be associated with people like this? They certainly won’t care about you, just your money that you hand over in their exorbitant fees.

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