On Nov 8th (Thur) I came to the Vons store at 410 manhattan beach bl, Manhattan Beach Ca around 1630 or so. I was trying to deliver 3 cases of wine and asked the store mgr robert conick(Not sure the spelling)who was working the checkout line at the time who could sign for my delivery. He told me Receiving was closed and only Receiving Dept can accept it as it needed to be checked in and scanned. Said they open [protected] Friday. I came back Friday around 0930 and went to the back eastside of the store parked just outside the Receiving area went up to the door saw a sign that read closed between [protected]. As I was doing a route in that area I needed to see if someone in the warehouse could sign for it because I had other deliveries stops to make. I drove my van toward the front eastside of the store and parked along side of the building trying not to block the sidewalk where customers enter but in the Truck Delivery Driveway. My wife was sitting in the passenger seat. I got out and went inside and saw the same mgr from the day before working the checkout line. Didn’t say anything to him but proceeded to the back to see if anybody could help. While waiting about 3 minutes in the back area, one nice employee offered to find the Warehouse person to help me out. A few minutes later he said she was at lunch and another employee would assist me. I waited a few minutes and another employee showed up and told me to meet him at the side door by the warehouse where I had parked earlier. While I was inside waiting to get assistance my wife was frantically calling/texting me to move my van as the semitruck von driver showed up and my vehicle was blocking the loading driveway. He basically yelled at her that she needed to move the van Now and because I didn’t hear my phone to come out earlier he got mad and went inside to get the manager who also came outside to continue the verbal assault on my wife. She was a passenger and had nothing to do with the delivery. She doesn’t drive so she was helpless until I showed up. She told me the two male were yelling not asking her to move. When I came out to move to the back the manager let me know I was blocking the semitruck from backing in and the driver just looked at me and shook his head. My wife told me what had happened and I could see she was visibly upset. Said she wanted to complain about what happened so she went inside the store and asked the mgr what his name was. He told her Robert Conick. That must have agitated him more because he felt he was in the right so he went outside back to my van and took pictures of my van and my wife and came to the inside of the warehouse and grabbed the invoice and took pictures and asked me who I work for. I’m a independent contractor helping out that day as the regular driver wasn’t available so I didn’t know the procedure for delivering to this store. Even so, the mgr and driver need to be counseled on how to control their anger even if the situation isn’t there fault they could have handled it much better. The driver made it worse by not being patient and getting the mgr involved That made a inconvience situation turn into something else. This is my only written complaint against this store mgr and driver. I will be waiting to hear what their side of the story is as I’m sure they will paint themselves as the victim against a little asian lady.

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