Surgical Pavilion

The following review expresses only my personal opinions.  I found the pre-op process to be very stressful, under-staffed, and lacking any type of clear organization. The anesthesiologist was informative and friendly, but the nursing staff didn’t seem to have any idea about why I was there, or how to place an IV (the first nurse tried to place an IV 3 times, dug around in my veins, left huge bruises, and then implied that I was being unreasonable for asking for a different nurse to start the IV instead of not allowing her sticking me again for the fourth time). They also kept handing me pills, or giving me injections, and would get very irritated if I asked what they were giving me. The post-op was ok, although they put you in a very uncomfortable chair, and don’t seem to have enough staff to cover post-op recovery.  I had to ask repeatedly for pain control and anti-nausea medications. Every time I asked for anything in post-op, the nurses brushed me off. My best guess is that they figure they won’t get paid anything extra for being kind and caring to the patients once they have done the surgery. They never bothered to call at any point to confirm my surgery date, or after surgery to check on my progress. Overall I was very disappointed with everything except my surgeon.  I don’t think I would go to this facility for surgery again.

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