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on 7th of Jan 2019 at 21:25 hrs. I bought food items from Carrefour Abu Dhabi airport road, while buying i went to bread section and i found in the bread packets mixed with old and fresh bread and unfortunately their was only two packets. I requested to the person from bread section to change it or give me at least fresh packet and with a rude attitude i received an answer NO. I went to the customer service center to find duty manager Mr. Ihab and he wasn’t available, staff and security mentioned that they informed him and he is coming. I was waiting for him 20 to 25 minutes but unfortunately no one came to me to ask what happen. How ever i took the packet and left the carrefour. I throw the old bread once i reached home and used only the fresh.
Very bad experience even i filled a complain form but until now no one called me.
I understand may be this is the culture of the Abu Dhabi, UAE Airport road branch.

Amazing part now that i tried to complain on UAE complain center but online is not working, that is great way to avoid the complain.

Thanks for spoiling my day.

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