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Valerie is a middle aged smoker who wears glasses. She did not heed my simple instructions. In fact, she cut it too small under Neath near my bottom of my skull near neck to start. – she stayed it was to start a pattern l.
The so called pattern should just have stated at the Neck!
If one didn’t know current styles or lacks skill. They need to take instruction and listen then comprehend. OR not cut of more than you can replace. I was dissatisfied and know my self image is lower since I paid some one to cut likemy hair of like some Barbie doll in kids hands..
Everyone has bad days but she was not knowledge and did not ask questions or cut little at time and discuss with me..
I wish I was in competent hands with here. How can a hair dresser have a licence and be outdated or incompetent in ones skill.

My hair was cut chin length and finally I had to ask Valerie not to cut anymore onmy hair.. you are cutting it to short. I should have been in a long Bob undercut half inch at nape of neck no shorter.
Can we fix this? No glue puts back on hair and now I’m going to California on vacation with hats.. y we ah..
Shawna Beasley
[email protected]
[protected] cell phone no sales call.

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