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I had an eye exam in May and was escorted over to look at eye glasses. I picked out a pair of sunglasses and eye glasses (both prescription) which we’re covered by insurance. The total for both, after insurance, was absurd! Original for my eyeglasses (light, single vision) before insurance was over $600!!? I’ve bought glasses from Simon in the past and realized I’ve always paid a lot of money even after insurance, which defeats the purpose, right?! I went home and looked up the frames online which were SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper.

Needless to say, I called and cancelled my order. They only cancelled my sunglasses. I had to go back in twice to ask for the eyeglasses to be canceled at which both times they made me sign in and wait for a specialist to help me. No! Just cancel my order, eyeglass receptionist. Still didn’t cancel and credit my insurance back. I had to call my insurance company to be put on hold so they could call Simon Eye directly and have them reverse it. Guess what? They told insurance it was completed (again)… but never actually did.

Fast forward a month as I found a pair of glasses and sunglasses I like from Ray Ban (direct order) and went to use my insurance, Simon Eye still has not credited. Another call to insurance and placed on hold (again) to be told that Simon Eye (again) has credited. Let me add that when I went in person the first time to cancel, the specialist got very snarky with me because of the cancellation when I told her I’m going to go a more economical route (I.e. not paying Simon’s ridiculous prices).

When I was told by the specialist the first time that the cancellation was complete, she literally said “done” and verbally shoved me off without trying to make amends for customer service sake. And can we talk about the aggravating borderline harassment automated calls reminding you of your appointment? It was enough that I didn’t want to go there anymore anyway. Oh well, family of 5 will be going elsewhere and I recommend you do as well. Shop for your eyeglasses online and you will see the difference.

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