Ralphs Grocery Compan y

The manager at ur location in north Hollywood is very rood doesnt now how to talk to his employees. He need to help customer first and then step to the side and talk to the employees if they made a mistake but not yell at them in front of customer. And then he should not tell the customer that he did what he did bc he can get fired and the employee doesnt pay for his rent. The second time the manager helped me and then the employee helped me. When the employee was helping me the manager steped in very rood to tell the employee to shut up and hurry and to just give me the item with no explanation. That is wen i said for him to stay out of it and he went off on me and i told him how rood he was. He said his employee talked to much and i was like i dont care his giving me more information on the item then u r and that is what i want. I want to now what im getting. And still he went off on the employee tell him to just give the item and move on bc me the customer had to take the item and be done. The manager i think name is Antonio or Antinio but he was at night closing 11/8/18

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