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On 11/23/2018, I went Black Friday shopping at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco with my daughter and her boyfriend. I was approached by a girl at a kiosks who wanted to show me some eye cream. The eye cream worked and she told me it normally costs $1, 000, but she would sell it to me for $400 and throw in two additional products. So I bought it. Then she said she could schedule me a free facial at their new spa in the mall. I went with her to the spa and she said they couldn’t get me in until January. But then she came out and said “Good news.” A client canceled and they could see me today. Adriano did my facial and was high pressuring me to buy $2, 500 worth of product. I kept telling him I wasn’t going to buy anything, but he kept adding product. I pulled out the product the girl had sold me and found it was $86.00 online, not $1, 000 like she said. I showed Adriano, and he exchanged it for Orogold 24k Eye cream. That showed to be $350 online and with the additional two products she included, I felt that was fair. Adriano would not let me leave. He kept adding in product and services at the spa there, and the Black Friday clock was ticking. I finally said okay and purchased the product, knowing full well I was going to bring it back the next day. I just wanted to get out of the store and shop with my kids. Adriano had me sign two receipts. He then took them in the back and put them in an envelope with the product in a bag.

I came back first thing the next day (Saturday 11/24/2018) at 10:00 am and tried to return the product. The lady working there said only a manager can do a return and the managers are always off on Saturday. I thought, that doesn’t make any sense. I left my name and number and asked the manager to give me a call.

No call on Saturday, so my husband and I went back on Sunday, 11/25/2018 at noon when the mall opened. Adriano was there. I told him I wanted to return the product. He said it is a final sale. I said no it wasn’t. He then pulled the receipts out of the envelope. He had scratched out the return policy on the receipt AFTER I had signed it before he had put it in the envelope on 11/23/2018. He also had written on the second receipt Final Sale, again AFTER I had signed it. He would not refund my money. He said I would have to talk to a manager. I left the product at the store told him I was going to dispute the transaction. I videoed the conversation and took a video of Adriano in the so called “Spa” which was just a storage room.

I called again on 11/26/2018 at 10 am and asked to speak to the manager. I was told the manager would be in around 11 am. I called again at 11 am and was told the manager was still not there. I asked who was the manager, and the girl said Adriano. I told her I wanted to talk to Adriano’s boss. She said she would have Ben another manager call me. I asked what was Ben’s last name, and she said she didn’t know, she had only been working there two days.

I am writing several complaints to expose this FRAUDULANT business model. I would be happy with anyone who wants to join in a class action suit against this horrible company.

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