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It was winter and our city is cold. Sometimes it seems impossible to move, such as to go for work or go anywhere out of the house. We also face inconvenience in summer as well.

However, we require a thermostat more than an air conditioner. I called up Long Beach Heating and Air conditioning Inc. We asked them to install an air conditioner at our address, which we gave it to them.

They would come and install it in a couple of days. We informed them that we were out of station so an old lady would be there to attend them. The day arrived and they installed the air conditioner.

The old lady was one of our relatives who were present with the men during the installation and paid them after their job was over. We called her up to ask whether the thermostat was heating well or not. She said that it was switching on but taking too long to heat. She could also not detect a difference in temperature.

However, we arrived after a few days. After the unpacking and other work were over, we went to examine the thermostat. I went into the room and realized that it was not a thermostat. It was an air conditioner.

The lady could not understand this from the exteriors of the machine as she was old and could not make out the difference between a thermostat and a cooler.

I called the company again and told them that this was not what we had ordered for. The manager explained to us that many people order for air conditioners in winter as the demand and thus, it’s the price is very low.

He also said they don’t have their orders written down and thus, he got confused. Now that this huge mistake had happened, we would have to take the a.c down.

Also, we would again have to make up space in the wall, according to the size of the thermostat. The installation of the thermostat would take up time and therefore, more money would be lost.

We were also not getting the refund of our money. A big expense stood in front of us along with the loss that had occurred.

We had to go through a great deal of trouble after this. Making space up in the wall seemed like a big task. By the time, the thermostat was installed, the weather had become less severe.

Now to use the thermostat we had to wait another year till winter arrived. Till then the thermostat would require servicing again as any machine that stays off for a long time needs it.

I was unsatisfied with the company’s job. Being such a big company, they do not keep any written records. This would lead to many errors and wastage of time.

Also, they do not have the facility of refund. This is extremely unfair for customers as a big amount is spent on purchasing air conditioners or thermostats. I do not recommend this place to anyone as there is no use to visit here. They do not show any seriousness towards their customers.

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