Larry B. Risvold

All his life, Larry B. Risvold has cheated on his wife for as long as they have been together. The funny thing is that his wife has never found it out. All this guy is good at is lying and cheating women. He knows well how to use women for his own personal and selfish benefits.
He has more than single time accused his wife Sheri of not loving him and constantly having affairs behind his back which may, in fact, be true. She herself admitted to staying with him only for this money and nothing else.
His favorite pastime is trolling the local bars for unsuspecting women and to use the said women for sex. Husbands and wives should keep their wives and girlfriends away from him at all costs if they care about them because this guy only wants to use them and then throw them away like a condom.
There is even an article online that shows how he ruined the life of a woman and lied to her & used her, even though he knew that she was suffering from depression. She became suicidal after the entire episode with him.
Googling his name would be enough to discover his crimes. He himself admits to all these charges against him. What a creep!

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