JFK Airport

We dropped our luggage off, where we were told to drop them off by the security. We dropped them off at JFK. We were travelling to Brussels, with a stop at Dublin.

When we arrived at Brussels, after over 9 hours travelling, we got our bags, to find that they had been opened, and things had been stolen.

We bought 2 pairs of Ugg boots, and a pair of Minnetonka boots. They were brand new. We had them for exactly 1 day. We put them in a bag, not a suitcase, but an ordinary travel bag. We had put a lock around the zipper, so that it couldn’t be opened.

When we got our bags, the lock was gone, as were our 3 pairs of boots.

They were stolen at JFK airport, and there is no way possible that nobody knew that this was going on.

You can’t even trust security. They are willing to look the other way, if you give them some money..

We lost $ 560 worth of boots.

This is just a small thing, but if they are willing to look the other way for this, who knows what else is going on in the “secured area”..

All I know is that my trust in JFK airport and in security, is exactly where my boots are.. GONE !

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