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Please allow at least 15 business days for a response from one of our Customer Care analysts ??????

Dear Ah Sheng,

Thank you for letting us know about your Jetstar experience. We really do value the comments we get from our customers (both the good and not-so-good) as they help us make Jetstar a better experience for all our customers.

Please allow at least 15 business days for a response from one of our Customer Care analysts. If your feedback or query relates to imminent travel (within 72 hours), please contact our Customer Relationships team on 131 538 and one of our analysts will assist you.

Thanks again for contacting us. To help us identify and respond to this specific issue, please clearly quote your Case ID (CAS-420316-V65TDB ) in any correspondence.

Kind regards,

The Jetstar Customer Care Team

From: [email protected]: [email protected]; [email protected]: Urgent – need your urgent replyDate: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 22:17:03 +0800

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您好,20/06/10,遇到,相信只有三流的航空公司,愚蠢的处理方式,乘搭捷星3K818,1.45分,新加坡至海口,当11.45分出境厅前,遇到贵公司最聪明的职员,在检查手提行李的重量时,我们一共4位,4个手提行李,其中一个行李11公斤,其他的才6至8斤,我告诉她,我们一共可提40公斤,反正没超过4O公斤,真的需要拿出1公斤,放在其他的行李箱,再浪我们通行,我一两要求,但她还是不接受,这是公司的规矩,只好打开行李,拿出一样东西,再放在别一个行李袋,才给我们过关,过了出境厅,再重新整理,再放回原来的行李箱,当我想向她名字时,想奖励她,但拒绝给名字,最后,想请问贵公司,是这样指示职员,刁难乘客吗?等待您的回复.然后才考虑是否要放在网上或报讨论。30/06/10, 回程3K818,没有冷气,一般热气,空姐回复,等久就会冷,冷吗?前面厕所坏,排长龙用两间厕所,还有,多数位乘客带超重上机,大家运气好,没有遇到出发前,那位有头脑的职员,以往多次乘搭虎航,只是机场方面,很不理想,但,在飞机,票价,飞机餐都不及虎航。希望下次有机会再度乘搭贵航空时,能得到有如网页所保证的优值股务,谢谢,

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