Irina Rose and Kendall Jones

Irina Rose and Kendall Jones are unique in that they are self-proclaimed gold diggers. The former is a married dentist and the latter is a father and a family man. Irina married a man simply so she could get a US citizenship. Once that was through, she immediately got a divorce. Here’s where it gets weird. After her divorce, she started seeing this 87 year old man. She slept with him too, even though he was married.
Kendall Jones took maternity leave. That’s when Irina and Kendall started sleeping together. The DDS actually slept with her when his wife was caring for their baby, back in March 2011. But he didn’t leave her either. After a few years of this, Irina grew tired of the fact that he wouldn’t leave his good, trusting wife. So she stopped taking birth control, and they had a baby in December 2013.
Kendall’s wife only found out about them after she saw a sex tape of the two of them.
Irina will do anything she needs to do if it means she will get her money. She will sleep with anything that moves. So if you know her, walk away when you still can.

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