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My wife and I after looking at several competitors first, decided to build with Holiday homes in port saint lucie, fl. to get the best bang for our buck. The experience was horrific to say the least. Our house was “completed” in about eight months. The house sat for 7 weeks until our closing date. To our surprise there was an outstanding list of things to complete on the punch list. the attention to detail just was the worst I have ever seen. Drywall mud under the window sills from the drywall finisher cleaning his knife off. The drywall that butt the underside of the sill wasn’t even attempted to be flat taped nor caulked. The bi-fold doors all didn’t close right, some not at all. The tile throughout the entire house didn’t even match the die lot. Its like they brought tile from different jobs and used them. Not to mention the Tiles are cracking every two months and have to be replaced because the foundation that was promised wouldn’t crack because they use fiber crack more than I have ever seen being in the trades for 25 years. The drywall Finish was a fly by night to say the least. I mean, come-on I have orange peel finish with flat paint and you can see every butt joint and Flat on the whole wall. I know I can put down two coats of mud, not sand it then texture it and you will never see the joints. that’s how bad it is. They didn’t put an expansion tank at my house for whatever reason so I have been woken up and dealt with my release valve installed at the hose bib outside ruptured three times already. They graded our lot so bad that the neighbor wont talk to me because of the condition that her transition to my yard was left. This is the best one. During construction, it was noticed that the trusses were not right in the kitchen. I specifically called the superintendent and discussed the issue among many other. can you believe they cut the drywall around it and patched over it!! I put a 6 foot level on it for haha the other day and its almost 4 inches out of level! I have been playing cat and mouse with them for months. The district vice president came and met with my wife and I and promised us the world that it would all be taken care of. It has been Months and I am still getting the run around. to say the least I am very disappointed and embarrassed to the point that I don’t want to entertain anyone. I was so excited after suffering a horrible divorce, meeting a wonderful women and starting my life over again in our dream home turned into the same pit I was in. There is so much more that I can Put down but please for you own good please stay away. it has been almost a year so the next step is My lawyer and The Local news Station.

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