Frank Curtin

I hope that his article is read by people who are affiliated with Frank Curtin and his family. Frank and his wife, Lynne Ann Curtin, along with his brother, Christopher Joseph Curtin, are all just a bunch of scam artists. I will attach the judgment for over $2.500, 000.00 to this report.

Most people are probably familiar with the Curtin family, as they were on the Real Housewives of Orange County show. But as everybody knows now is that they are just charlatans and frauds. They’ve been evicted several times. I have also evicted them from my Laguna Beach home which they lived in for over 1 1/2 years without paying rent. The Sheriff’s department had to physically evict them. Ironically, the Curtin family sued the Sheriff’s Department for unrelated allegations and was awarded over $2.2 million against the Orange County Sheriff department. Where’s the justice in rewarding a fraudulent family.

There are other reports that were written to deceptively con readers about the truth. I have nothing to hide. I am including my real name. The other articles are written by cowards who don’t use their real names. Their identities can’t even be found. The truth is in the evidence – attached herewith.

Don’t be scammed and duped by Frank Curtin and his family.

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