Exxon Mobil Corporation

I went to the Exxon gas station at 9:00 pm on 10/6/18 and tried to get $30 of gas and buy three sodas I noticed the credit card machine on take the chip. I asked Brandi can you enter manually she said, “no!” I said then just ring me for 2 sodas since I have $5 cash and buy the gas at the pump. She said okay, she said it $ 6.31. I ask is that 3 sodas or 2? She said that is 3. I said I only have $5 so I need to buy 2 sodas. She had an attitude and sigh real loud while ranging up the 2 sodas. I ask her was that hard to refund the 3 and ring up the 2 sodas. She replied sarcastically and mentioned” it hold up the line. ” So I replied so you don’y believe in customer service and only want recognize your convenience. So I had asked what is your name? I said see your name, Brandi. She replied sarcastically, “Yes I am Brandi and she her last name with her DOB which I could not hear her when she said so fast and repeated twice. I said thank you Brandi. So I tried to buy the $30 of gas at the pump and the pump will not take any credit acrd and with the chip. I believe Brnadi stop on purpose I will not buy the gas. It is sorry to have employees like Brandi representing Exxon and the owner of the gas station buy I guess that what you all pay for. I will never go to Exxon gas stations!!!

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