i have registered as a free member in exporterindia.com so one day an marketing person from exporter india calls me and tells me that pay 20, 000 rs we will give you website do seo and all get 100% genuine buyers so i paid my work was done after i paid 20, 000 after 2 or 3 days one more person from exporter india calls me and tells me that sir buy our star member ship we will do all the talking to buy convert the enquirer into action convincing the buyer and all fake promises but after i paid them 30, 000 extra + 20, 000 i have not received any calls from them when i try to call them and ask for refund they ask very rudely that do you have proof that we have offered like that do you have call recording and they just cut the call for 20, 000 i was suppose to get a support person that also i dint get they dint do my social media marketing also that also they were suppose to do it for 20, 000 and they promised more if i pay more 30, 000 and they will do all my work so in total i paid them 50, 000 even after telling them i dont have that much they told use your credit card we have an customer with in a week you will get all your money back because we need some product to buy so we can convince the buyer to put 10 lakhs advance in your account after paying the amount i have not received any call from them when i ask for refund they say not in our policy

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