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My friend and I had been sat in Costa for around half an hour and we chose to leave to meet some other friends. As my friend walked out the door a member of Staff, Holly Jennings, suggested squirting the cleaning liquid at my friend’s face. I saw this and said “I don’t think so, you’re supposed to be a member of staff” to which she laughed. We walked out and were followed out by another female member of staff who shouted “don’t bother coming coming back ’cause you won’t be served”. I said “you’re both supposed to be members of staff, that’s disgusting” to which she said “yeah well”. I am absolutely disgusted that a member of staff would treat a customer like that because of an issue completely unrelated to her job. If she cannot be professional then she she shouldn’t be offered any job. I will take this further because there is no way my friend should have been treated like that when all we went for was a coffee and a chat. To have been banned for a personal matter is horrendous customer service and completely unacceptable. I am 20, my friend is 19 and Holly Jennings is 17. Such childish behaviour is something I would never expect and will never accept from anybody, regardless of any situation.

I’d appreciate a reply from Costa and some action to be taken.

Thank you,
Jade Dodd.

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