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Last October 27, 2018, me and my friend, were supposed to travel to New Zealand on board Cebu Pacific with a connecting flight from Sydney. The layover was 7 hours. But we were refused by the airline staff to board when we checked in because we do not have a transit visa for Australia. When is a transit visa to Australia really needed and who evaluates the need for it? Can passengers be refused to board a plane because the airport personnel deemed that transit visas are needed? This site: states that: 0. If you are transiting though Australia for less than eight hours and you do not need to leave the airport transit lounge (except to board your connecting flight), you may not need to apply for a Transit visa (subclass 771); and0. If you are a Filipino citizen, you can transit through Australia without applying for a visa if you:
• enter Australia by aircraft;
• hold a confirmed onward booking to leave Australia to travel to a third country on the same or another aircraft within 8 hours of arrival in Australia;
• hold documentation necessary to enter the country of destination; and
• not need to leave the airport transit lounge except to continue their journey.
Why were we denied boarding? We had to go through the hassle of another ticket booking just to get to New Zealand, not to mention the consequences of the delay getting there and the additional funding needed immediately. This is the first time I am travelling on a plane and the anxiety brought about by the experience is not encouraging. What accountabilities do staff have in cases like this? We see no reason for me and my friend to be denied to board the plane to take us to our destination. We have to be refunded of the entire amount we dutifully complied with when we did the booking. (See attached photos)

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