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On the 20th of November I ordered some side dishes and corn bread for my Thanksgiving meal, it was my first time using boston market. I was told after calling and asking which was a better way of ordering for their particular store that calling the day before and placing the order was better. So I called on the 21st and encountered horrible communication skills, the person cursed because they couldn’t find a pen and proceeded to speak to other co-workers without saying a word to me, so I hung up. I called back again and the person on the line was irritable with bad communication skills. I ordered corn bread and was not told it was not included in the holiday meal. On Thanksgiving day the place was a madhouse waiting forever for my food. I receive my order and its wrong, so they fixed it with the proper sides. However I did not look in the bag which I assumed had cornbread. I got home and the food was almost frozen and it took a long time to get it hot in the microwave while all my other food was getting cold. I opened the bags and there was rolls, not corn bread even though the receipt said cornbread not rolls. I went back to the Market to speak to a manager about the mixup and he told me they don’t serve corn bread for the holiday meal and the rolls come with the meal and I was not getting any money back. I said to him, you need to hear me out before you jump to this conclusion and dismiss me . I explained I never ordered a holiday meal before and no one told me I could not get corn bread and if this is the case then why am I charged for a dozen cornbread and its rung up on the receipt as cornbread? He said I was still not getting any money back . I was shocked by the way I was treated and couldn’t believe a business clearly charged me for a item I did not get and just wanted to dismiss me. I asked him for the corporate office phone number, he told go look it up I’m busy and there is nothing anyone can do for you. The charge was only $5.09 for the cornbread my sides were $61.63. but when you wait in line for hours expect to get what you ordered and your disappointed with the entire order just to be dismissed by a rude manager it really takes away all desire to ever eat at your establishment again. Your store does not appreciate your clients. This manager told me his name is Imani. He should not be dealing with people .

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