Anthony Monfet Review – AOK Products LLC – Scammer – Fraudster – Con Man – BEWARE!!!!!

I was given a free course on Udemy and wanted to get one about Amazon & unfortunately I chose an amazon fba course which started the Anthony Monfet Scam. In Jan 2016 I signed up to start a 100-hr consulting package specifically with Anthony Monfet Coaching which was supposed to be held once per week. But from Jan 26th – May 10th, he had only met with me 6 hrs. Should have known that I was going to have problems. He then shifted about 50 clients to John, another consultant who had never dealt with private label products on amazon (but he was much more customer focused). Anthony didn’t even take the time to discuss this with any of his clients by email or in person about shifting us to someone else. My 1500 quantity product was supposed to be already ordered & was told it would be here soon but it ended up never arriving before August.
His company was very disorganized: it took 3 months to just get images of the product, samples were not sent in a timely manner & those could’ve been shipped directly from the supplier, products weren’t ordered nor shipped when they were telling clients that it was. I even sent an email describing how I wanted to have the product images done & the photographer didn’t even take the time to read it. The photographer discontinued working for them & took my product samples with him. I was supposed to get green garden hoses only & through their mistake I got blue and green. So this meant more time and effort with getting another UPC Code, more images to have created, and another listing to be done which is more time and money. Each color should have its own UPC code & I discovered that they had put the same code on the packaging of both colors. They even slapped a different brand name on them versus what I wanted. Because of the mistakes I was promised to not be charged for warehouse storage fees on the remaining hoses that were to be kept in FBA Importers Warehouse and not be sent to Amazon. John had them send 250 hoses of each color to amazon for a total of 500 units. All of them did not get processed into amazon & I had to open a case to get this resolved. In order to do this, I had to get an original invoice showing the purchase from the supplier which was in Chinese yuan money. From the conversion I could tell that Anthony had charged me $5000 more than the product truly cost. Then after a couple days Anthony, the deceiver, has his warehouse people send the other 1000 hoses to amazon which meant I would be paying $275/month for storage at Amazon. Then in 4th qtr there is a premium for storage fees which would mean even more money. I took away their access to my amazon account shipping functions after that.
Originally I had paid $2650 total for all prep and inspection services ($850) plus all shipping & handling ($1800). The product had a hose, quick connect adapter, and sprayer. When I finally got a sample of the blue and green hoses the quality was not good. Even the blue hose they sent me had a missing end which would make the hose unusable. They had sent all the hoses to amazon without inspecting them in the US or China and when they started to sell I had people writing bad reviews because of missing parts. My problems continued with getting returns from customers at a rate of 12.5% rate which is terrible. On top of that the adapter was metric which is not compatible to our spigots or faucet here in the US. I discovered this from the sample because it sprayed water all over you when the hose was put on a spigot. I had to make a decision to refund some of the customers. Then Anthony’s FbaImporter Company had to try and get a standard fitting adapter for the US market….needless to say this took a while also. In addition, his company was not supposed to be promoting the same product to different clients but they were doing this too. There was an extra expense on my part & their company sending apology letters and a new adapter to those previous customers.
Next Amazon suspended the listing because of the high defect rate. All the products were shipped back & inspected for missing parts and to put a new adapter inside. Then I have to write a letter getting the suspension lifted. How would you like another company affecting the reputation of your company in the eyes of customers & Amazon….well that is what happened. I was told I would be refunded for the shipping costs for the 1000 units originally sent to the Amazon warehouse. Anthony the scammer refunded about $125 of the cost but $660 I never got back. All of this debacle caused me a loss of keyword rankings on amazon, bad reviews on the platform, loss of income, & my company’s reputation because of Anthony’s poor management and planning skills. He has a complete lack of follow up on details & day-to-day execution as a leader. Needless to say I only got about 27 coaching hours of the 100 hours paid for and then Anthony told everyone they had to move their products from his warehouse at our cost which was more expense.

This con man from West Orange, New Jersey has deceived so many people both in the USA and abroad out of their hard-earned money. He has lost so many court cases in Madison Alabama where he ran this particular business that it caused him to move back to his parents home. He will do everything he can to not be responsible for his actions. He has gotten so many negative reviews removed from the internet. I wanted to write a review so maybe others will not suffer dealings with this crook. He always responds to complaints by saying the person is insane or someone that is bothering him. DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD HE IS SAYING!! He has a total lack of upbringing. This man lacks CHARACTER and INTEGRITY as a human being!!!

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