Melissa Graves — Amarillo, Texas

I was with the love of my life for over 2 years & engaged to him for over a year. I’ve been the only woman he’s ever proposed to. This trashy woman had been in & out of prison most of her life for drugs & doesn’t have custody of her own child. Yes before I met him they dated about 8 years ago & she even had an abortion with his baby. He started changing in me & when he did I had found out she was out of prison. She has nothing to offer him but one thing & even that one thing she barely got over having STDs. She’s very nasty & disgusting. We even became friends cause of that saying keep your enemies closer. I had invited her to a fight night at our house one night that she did come with her boyfriend at the time just to let her know that’s my territory. But me & my ex started fighting more & more & they both hang out with the Dane ppl so Everytime his car was there she would show up cause she would know we were fighting. When I finally got the courage to leave cause I found out they slept together he eventually started to come back into my life. She’s just a rebound hoe & she’s sleeping with like 3 other guys that I know of. Just recently me & him started talking again we shared a lot of tears. He told me I will always have his heart & that I own it & no other women could ever have it like I did. He also told me he promises we will get passed this & make it work. He started coming over & staying a lot with me at night & told me every since he’s been seeing me again & talking to me again he’s felt so much better. I made sure I screen shot everything & sent it to her til I found out he was still messing with her & then she changed he Facebook profile pic of them 2 but she knows he will never ever love her like he did & he still does. I made him mad one day & he goes straight to her but I’ll always be his #1 woman & she knows that. If you zoom in on one of her pic you’ll see she has no tooth. She doesn’t even have her life together & she’s still a felon. But she will do this to anyone husband or fiance. Her life is a disaster & she’s so ugly so there’s absolutely no competition between us… She’s probably been with half of Amarillo or now most of Amarillo…Nasty gross & a pathetic excuse of a woman!!!!

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