Lauren Laspina Paoletti – Colorado

Lauren is a married cheater who cheats while traveling for work. She hunts for men (seems to like older married men) at conventions & conferences. She has no remorse & will tease you if you feel guilty about having UNPROTECTED sex with her. She is a stalker who sends texts in the middle of the night and will call even from her own parents home phone. She has no shame. This woman is not to be trusted. She is a fantastic actor…don’t buy it. She is playing you. She has had sex with men and women and has used drugs. A woman who cheats on her husband (she is a strong aggressor) after just 1 year of marriage. She slept with someone who has a verified STD. Most likely is has a good chance of infection. Who know what else she is passing along. If she denied she cheated, she is flat out lying to you. If her husband wants to contact me please respond below. I can provide you the communications as well as provide as much detail about what occurred as you would like. Please protect yourself. I’m sorry that your wife is unfaithful and understand this must be painful. Every spouse deserves to be respected and their wedding vows be upheld. People that don’t truly, sincerely mean it when they promise fidelity on their wedding day “as long as you both shall live”, shouldn’t get married. You deserve better.

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